saturday reflections…

kundalini yoga is what i keep wanting to do each morning. it’s a take over. still loving vinyasa because it engages the muscles and range of motion, but kundalini engages the spirit/breath in a way that completely shifts my mood. afterward i feel uplifted and energized. this is a life changer. life feels interesting right now. went to a cephalopod lovers event last night at hugo house. was amazed by the passion of the crowd. not the usual aloofness. spirit was alive in the room in such a way that i got sucked right into it and felt joy like a child. later that night i found myself needing to use discernment and discovered i have gotten better at it. i am giving the universe one clear message: true love or nobody. i don’t want a temporary man in order to get any physical needs or desires met. this does not make sense to me anymore. it’s not about the body alone. it’s the body, heart, soul: all one. if i have an attraction that is not felt back, or vice versa, just take it with grace cause it is no big deal. attraction is dime a dozen. what is once in a lifetime is the love of my life. he is real and all i care about. either i am seriously dating and starting a monogamous relationship to discover, or i am alone. i feel satisfied with this. i have found peace being alone and a strong will capable of transmuting desires. the quest is not easy, but heroes are challenged and that’s just how it goes. i miss studying the kabbalah, maybe it’s time to return to it. when i climbed the tree last go-round, i grew tremendously. i am craving spiritual structures such as kundalini yoga and kabbalah. feels good and supportive. venus just went into taurus. feeling a desire to make the physical quality. to treat myself quality. pristine treatment each day, because any day could be my last. this short ride is already half over if i make it to old age. the moment is where the riches truly dwell. i am rich with presence.

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