beltane on the rise…

each time i give a workshop on the tarot, it is set up so that we merge with the archetype being workshopped, and we live as that archetype until the next one. temperance was the one i just guided. temperance is about being able to dive from polarity to polarity, honoring and existing in each one fully. by doing this balance is created. when balance is created, alchemy gets under way. eventually, when you get to the last archetype, the world, you rebirth into the fool again, brand new. new vision. new ways. new perception. temperance is living me for sure right now. i dive into the shadows feeling sad for the dolphins, for innocence stolen, feeling overwhelmed, honor it…feel my burn out…feel my wishes to rise beyond….and in drops a dialogue about life outside the cave, reminding me of the new, of what is possible and what is true, beyond the shadows. i feel this so much that it makes me giddy and weird. i feel the call. this calling has nothing to do with making money so i need to dive back in the other polarity and get trained to work for a regular paycheck too. both are healing and creative modalities. both i am cut out for. though one feels like the calling i came here for and the other feels like work that is my duty. i am finding acceptance for this. this is temperance. balance. i can be dutiful while opening to the vision outside the cave. both are meant to be. i can surrender and strive. i can cry for innocence stolen and i can hold the vibration of wholeness in tact. this is the temperance archetype lived. i shall make it so. been doing kundalini yoga every morning, for the first time. life changing. i am hooked. it is awakening me to my true self, not my muscles, my soul. my soul is my breath. same diff. call it what you will. the breath of fire. mentors. guides. friends. teachers. strumming the strands of the web. we are all in this together. we are all one. we can deal with any kind of weather and we can also create weather. beltane in just a few days. the time of the year when the masculine and feminine are in perfect balance too. feeling it…

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