monday quickly…

had so much fun making my container project yesterday. that’s all i did, in my hermit cove, till a friend visited at night. hadn’t seen him in a long time. transformed my alter too, it had sat inactive maybe for as long as i hadn’t seen my friend. feels like a new chapter is beginning. i feel a sense of stability and trust in the emergence process. i really don’t know, nor do i ever know what it is exactly i am creating. i don’t conceptualize and then create. i conceptualize as i create, and i am not apologizing for this anymore. it’s a way of life. who knows where my calling will take me. there are many different ways to express art, myth, and healing. he talked about being multi-brained and it made sense to me. need to be doing art, writing, seeing clients all at once. need to have a spiritual practice and be spontaneous, all at once. to live a full life all these aspects need expression. if any start to petrify, i begin to solidify too. yet there is nothing solid in reality. cezanne knew this. it’s in his brush strokes. i feel this. nouns are only an illusion. it’s not a belief, it’s energy being energy, always in motion. always. what i ride, what a trip. i don’t want to lose this. oh see, there i go again, afraid of losing. that is a false refuge. false solidity. nothing can be truly lost. nothing and nobody. change is not loss. loss is real too though. be it in the form of death, health, prosperity, etc. creature attachment is the other half. yin honor. honor for the body’s experience. today i will teach about temperance, bringing in the motion of flowing between apparent opposites. ¬†bringing life to duality, the sacred dance. feeling energized. need to get on with my day. not in the mood to blog. not much to say. too much to be done. tomorrow i see the dentist in the early morn. fun times…

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