prince living inside me…

prince is still all i am thinking about. i feel his spirit on the other side shining purple. i feel his essence fuse with mine, giving me courage to be uniquely me. i cannot stop listening to purple rain. i am saturated in celebration for his soul and in the beauty he made his human life to be. i am grieving through celebration. wore purple yesterday in honor, along with my skull necklace with hearts for eyes, and i think today i will do the same. went to a great poetry reading last night. got to listen to my friend read and two other poets. the light rail is a godsend. i can get to belltown in eight minutes! i can avoid the crappy walk past all the big stores. i can feel a little bit like i am living in new york. i love it. the city is my soul. it’s not just a disguise. how easily the brain can turn anything into what it wants. the meaning we give to our relationships (with people, places, things, ourselves) truly is very open for interpretation. sometimes there is conflict. for instance, with me and the city, i keep thinking i am only in the city because i am single, and that i truly crave to live in nature. but as i come more into the present moment and come out of an unconscious drive to put happiness in the future, i am experiencing how much i love city life. i love bopping around the streets, being on the bus, wearing fashionable clothes, being among humanity, steeping in the modern insanity. i love nature too though. if in partnership i can see how it would be sorta “our house, is a very very very fine house”ish, to live away from the city, but near it. i am always flexible about where i live, but the insight is more about how i actually do enjoy city life. i am discovering present moment happiness. the light rail really changed it all for me. going to an inspiring poetry reading in a part of the city i never go to reminds me of my natural sense of adventure i feel but have not engaged in a while. the more i allow myself to express my true nature, the more happy i feel. this is the protocol. prince is in my soul helping me to be me all the way. there is so much passion to express within, so much art, love, sensuality, wonder, wisdom, and depth. the shadows and the light both get their turn on the turn table…until this body falls into death.

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