all outside today…

i have been off my routine, which is healthy. don’t want the habits to petrify my fluidity. meeting friends for breakfast. long walks in the sun. cleansing the body. super food smoothies. though creativity is on hold. that’s ok. as anais said, there times for mending socks and times for being in the white heat, as she called  it, when her blood boiled with inspiration. my blood is cool right now, like a gentle stream. put on my summer hat and ready to saunter. warm weather, when it first arises feels like honey. i want to move about like a gypsy with no place to go. pure emergent movement in the flow. before hitting up structure again. before facing the challenges buzzing inside my skin. did not blog yesterday cause i was socializing from the am till the pm. moving from friend to friend until sleep. each friend a guru and comfort, laughter and lessons. reminding me, showing me, mirroring me, seeing me. and me being their whatever they need in return. i am grateful for all the love. should i get on the bus? i wonder what today will bring. not much patience for the computer. blister on the bottom of my foot. don’t care. thirsty for movement. volunteer park maybe. or something random. i will allow my body to move me from place to place. got my book of chinese poetry to read. got two different journals. water jug filled. mountain peaks rising. feeling the heart of the city. wanting to be in the city more than nature today. sometimes nature feels boring. other times i need it to rejuvenate. contextual. happy to live so close to so many options. running out of steam to write. it’s all physical for me today. all outside.

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