when this and that…

when you dream about cutting off long arm pit hair, only to realize you chopped the hair off your head. when you’re mooning out another little womb death. when you have feelings for someone you are too scared to share. when you sense the ground turn to water and fire turn to air. when you rise earlier than the sun finally ready to stop being wrong. when you long and let go at the same time, finding balance instead of being denied. when you wear carnelian and burn tibetan incense, feeling mars going retrograde teaching his lesson. when you must embody the fool and let go of knowing because taking risks is what’s needed for growing. when you want to get to a large body of water and chill. when you feel like a cat perched on a tiny window sill. when the waiting and restraint wants to push out from the chrysalis. when you’re the magnet allowing the masculine role to rest. when you trust your feminine energy to draw to you what’s best. when you read anais nin’s dairies and dream of paris in the thirties. when you drink a cheap beer to save a few pennies. when you follow ambition and stick with the plan, while not trying too hard to win with a hand. when you read their souls and it’s all about choice, you decide to listen to the intuitive voice. when spring arrives with a chunk of warm days, as winter packs up and says later days. when jogging picks up and layers are ready to shed, and diving into the heart feels better than dwelling in the head. when you say goodbye to dreams of love dead, the wind carries them like seeds into new people’s beds…

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