the fox and understanding over hate…

i got back to painting last night due to a friend coming over, and us sharing creative time for a school project. i feel much better. when i paint all is right within. a fox came out onto the canvas and i dreamed of him last night. i was running through large acres of rich people’s land in virginia. not sure why i was running but there was a sense of urgency.  i saw the fox interrogating some chickens. he caught sight of me and started running toward me. i felt fear of being hurt but new i must face him. as he approached i waved my hands in front of him and said, “nature go away,” and he ran the other direction. a wolf appeared and i went through the same routine, “nature go away,” and he did. i was safe. what a strange thing to say. seems so anti-life. but in the dream it was a non-violent method that worked to keep me from  being attacked, as clearly the animals were on the hunt, not looking to make friends. maybe it’s how i survived growing up. i could make it all go away with my mind. maybe it’s not healthy. in my dream i was running through the land of my upbringing. i think at one point i wandered into a large mansion. it was confusing. i feel confused in my waking life. the only thing i can think about it the moment. i do have thoughts returning though. biggest thought as of late…is how people call other people bad. i just don’t believe in it. calling somebody bad because they do harmful things to other people, in my opinion, is ignorant and perpetuates the polarity problem of black and whiting everything into good and bad categories. i don’t hate trump, nor do i think he is bad. i don’t believe in anything he says and i know he is sick.  i don’t think whomever took the prayer wheel is bad or a dick. i know they are mentally ill and need help. people don’t harm others because they are bad. calling somebody bad is akin to believing in a heaven and hell and judging the morality of the person based upon religious principals. to me, that is fictionalizing behavior in order to cope with it, and perpetuates the violence i wish to cease. how does calling somebody bad, a dick, an asshole, change anything for the better?  demonizing perpetrators of harm happens because people need to express their hurt and it’s the easiest way to do it. it stems from emotional reactivity. i have done it when hurt and realized how fruitless it is, as well as wrong. the truth is not found here. the truth is discovered in a very complex system of pain being passed down through the genes and generations, spread into cultures and institutions, that are breeding these doers of harm into being. whether it be a tiny harm or a great harm committed, you can still hold a doer of harm completely accountable without ever calling them bad or hating them. this is not about morality. being a good person, being a bad person, these are outdated concepts. it’s about being a loving person because love makes life grow. when people behave in unloving ways they need to be stopped, but not hated. understanding is the pathway to liberty, freedom, and justice for all.  blame is the pathway to more unloving behavior. denying the humanity in any being, no matter how unloving their actions, is perpetuating power over love. when it comes down to it, blaming somebody versus holding them accountable, and hating somebody and calling them bad, leads to more pain. seeking to understand the illness or pain patterns that created the pain behavior, leads to more love. during these politic heated times and after the prayer wheel incident, i feel extra devoted to promoting a consistent vibration of love and reason. i wish to give the least attention to the emotional reactivity but when the hurt needs to feel, i will let the feelings out without projecting them into stories of bad and hate. building strength as a loving being is the protocol. i wonder what fox wants to teach me about this? it’s tricky business…

4 thoughts on “the fox and understanding over hate…

  1. For what it’s worth, in my own dream world symbolism, canines represent the shadow, possibly the sexual impulse and repressed anger. I’ve been instructed to deal with these spirit energies by turning and facing them and not running away; they may turn into something else or ignore you altogether. I’ve been given power tools to help deal with these energies. Gathering and circulating purple/violet/indigo light and casting it onto the spirits will stop them from hurting you, and perhaps even transform them into benevolent forces. For me, the indigo vibration represent the crown chakra and the highest vibrational energy there is in the Universe. From a Jungian perspective, this light energy represents love, and offering love to buried or missing soul parts is the way towards healing and integrating these energies.

    So what is Fox telling you? You may have already answered your own question. There is no good or bad; no purely evil spirits or energies. Evil actions must be confronted, but met with loving kindness and compassion. Fear and reactivity only compound the problem. Repressed shadow energy is not evil per se. It just needs the light of love and awareness to be restored to its true nature.

    • interesting the last part you mentioned, because i felt no judgement for the animals, i just moved them along and kept going without seeing them as good or bad. as far as the repressed sexual impulses, yeah that makes sense for sure. i love the violet flame and call upon it all the time. i am not able to control my dream state though that would be very cool if i could and could be lucid and do healing stuff in them. thank you for the comment, dave!

      • It’s possible to develop lucid dreaming skills. A good practice that comes from Carlos Castaneda’s work is to try to look at your hand while you are dreaming. It helps to set this intention before you fall asleep.

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