light and shadow…the usual but can we make it new?

the shad0w is large. so much hatred in the trump supporters. people loving having an outlet for their hatred. love for hate? yes. is it what it is. why do they love to hate? to make themselves feel good, whatever good means for them. same as the people who want to feel good by creating more peace, love, harmony, diplomacy, liberty, and justice for all. we also want to feel good. we want to feel good through loving. here it is. love and hate. light and shadow. high contrast. what will we make happen? is the love for love stronger than the love for hate? is power distributed among the entire body of the country stronger than the isolated elitist power hatred creates? hatred is like a tumor, it can turn cancerous and kill the body, or it can turn cancerous and be killed by a body strong. coming out of cognitive dissonance is key. i know i am still struggling with it. i know how awful the situation is, so i just keep facing it, in order to heal the dissonance in my brain that wishes to make it all go away through avoidance. the situation here in this race for president is a microcosm of a much larger macrocosm of humanity as a whole and the struggle for power. deep in the root of the problem we have forgotten how powerful we are as individuals. if we had not forgotten than leaders, institutions, religions-none of it would have power over us. there’s more to it, but this is a core fact. therefor, each day may i awaken to my true power. for me, the love part comes easy. i naturally care about my fellow beings welfare. i love humans as a race, and see all humans as equal. progress each day. started a painting yesterday that might be the first in my tarot deck. committing to this project is a challenge. it involves 78 paintings, and a book that explains both a myth and the meaning of the cards. i want to blend tradition with my personal take on the cards. feeling very enthusiastic about this culmination of all my parts: psychology, mysticism, myth, writing fiction and non-fiction, and painting. making a deck is everything rolled into one. getting tired of these late winter days with no sun. craving short sleeves and a bit of humidity to bitch about, instead of the grey. craving to open the windows and turn off the heat. march is always like this. desire for the switch into new life…

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