awakening from the past…

the sun is out this morning, again. unexpectedly.  i am thankful.  feeling very psychic right now.  the cards were on point at work yesterday. sharp, clear and resonant. it’s not always like that. mamma universe is feeling merciful toward us scrambling humans. very different than her tough love of the past year. not that the lessons or work have decreased, but she seems to be giving some mercy is all. unexpected boons for people who have been working their path and weary from it. maybe i will experience the same mercy. clients are always a mirror to certain degree. i just love reading for people right now. went back to using the mythic tarot deck, it’s really wanting to speak…and feeling a strong urge to make my own deck. thinking too, that once i am an official therapist with a private practice, i will give clients the opportunity to use the cards in any capacity…from getting a full reading in a session, to just pulling cards to reflect upon. the cards are a powerful tool and using my ability to see behind the veil is a tool too. i am blending the lemurian with the atlantean, the right with left brain. expanding my capacity to facilitate healing.  at least i have these loves to dive into. painting is taking me over too, right now. i ought to try to hang them some place. face my resistance. keep making progress toward blending the creative and healing path each and every day. life is scary right now in this country. i wonder what will happen? will trump win? will we have an economic collapse? what karmic ride are we about to get on? thinking about trump, what i keep coming back to is…the only reason he has popularity is because there are people who support him. the responsibility of leadership is in the people’s hands. or at least i hope it is. not one to shun any conspiracy theory, i have zero trust in what i am told is happening by the media. but all i can control, is all i can control. what i see occurring is the need for the populace to take responsibility for leadership. it’s not easy. i feel the call within me too, where as i am used to avoiding politics. life makes us to come together and breaks us apart. we are not just individuals living in a bubble. larger forces might be playing pool with us as the balls, but we can also shape shift into the pool players by waking up to the power we truly have.  so mote it be.

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