new painting and sentiment…

finished “haunted by ancestors” painting this morning. i have no idea what it means, but the ghosts of my ancestors came through. since working on the genogram and putting together the family tree with my mom, we both have felt haunted. the bloodline is with us, inside of us, at all times. each one of us is treasure trove. may healing prevail for us all. my life has become sweeter, more loving, gentle, and rich because of the all the healing work i give to myself. i am not saying it is easy.  hell no, it’s fucking hard. how many clients tell me, “i’m sick of lessons, when i am just gonna get what i want?” and i have said the same thing when pulling cards and delving into my own soul. it’s hard to feel vulnerable, to let out anger, to feel uncomfortable, to admit weaknesses, to surrender to a larger body influencing you such as the family, the community, the human race, and earth. yet i have learned the more i do it, the easier it gets over time…and the happier i feel over time. ok, maybe it’s not the happiness that stems from getting what i want from life…but it is a deeper happiness, for simply being alive. i remember this today, as the heavy storms subside. the reward is love, always love. peace.


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