practice and the bright light…

huge challenge to blog today. don’t feel like sharing. don’t feel like writing about my life. but just like i did with my yoga practice today, will do it despite how i feel. i know by now that consistency of practice is key, and when i slip from consistency, i get right back into it again. till death do i part from the practice. did yoga in the sun and went for a walk/run. tired. heavy heart. needing to cry out feelings. another thing i have learned: crying is as essential as pooping for me. specially being an empath. saw a hummingbird on my walk. a reminder of joy. joy? hello…joy? been down here in the ocean depths too long writing my life story in seven pages, reading family about systems, feeling my way through the ancestral line. pulling myself up. and this too shall pass. feelings come and go. people come and go. experiences come and go. learning how to let go of burdens not my own. learning how to feel our oneness without carrying the sorrow of us all. it’s more than snowballing that happens, it’s like, i dissolve. boundaries boundaries boundaries. twelfth house north node. capricorn north node. back to reason. back to the practice. in writing i come into the present. in yoga i come into my body. nothing else but side notes, discount stores, movie theaters, restaurants, sunshine, bunnies, surgeries, healing, karma, love. whenever i come back from vegas it’s like a rebirth. who will i be now? who will you be now? each moment is a choice. each choice creates a path. each path molds us like a sculpture. like a crater on the moon. yet we still will die wrinkled as a prune. regret will exist. gratitude too. happiness and sadness will blend into one feeling at first sight of the brilliant light. we can create, but we cannot undo…

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