monday monday….

the sky is bleary and pale greyish blue.  feeling the same.  not dark or light.  not bright or dim.  someplace like limbo or in between the lines.  had a really creative and spontaneous valentine’s day, another holiday i don’t recognize but did.  somewhere around 5 pm the energy shifted.  the whole past week has felt very creatively rich, dark and emotional, succulent and thick…and now i feel i am floating on a still pond in mid-dawn, without much of any thoughts or feelings coursing through.  no craving for music or painting, but will force myself to.  i guess this might be a pause on the journey, or maybe a block to work through.  i don’t know.  i don’t really care.  just gonna do work today and not pay too much attention to this down shifting of the gears.  see what emerges by being present.  get on the mat per usual.  yoga is shifting too right now.  i am feeling a desire to channel some new poses, and to let go more, after my sun a and b sequence…see how my body wants to move itself, aside from traditional poses.  let through some feminine spontaneous movement.  spontaneous is a word that keeps popping up.  yet my next two weeks are already planned.  school all weekend, then i head to vegas.  when i get back it will be march first.  i love march.  it’s my second favorite month, aside from november.  it’s the month that winter gives way to spring, and awakening begins again.  one year ago i was in such a different place…knee deep in a rut i did not know i was in, structure holding me in like a corset, creatively dead, but growing in so far as becoming equanimous and gaining more self worth.  anyhow, i don’t have much to express.  don’t wanna digress, so let me end this boring monday blog right now, before i drift into needless mental wanderings…

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