monday lift off….

florida.  that’s all i am gonna say right now.  well, along with a string of keywords: flamingos, sun, sea, humidity, fruit, body, shedding shedding shedding.  maybe i am just one those gypsy types, for life.  have body, will live in many places.  need to create a supportive lifestyle to live bi-coastal.  practicality and ideals marry in my mind.  capability and imagination take hands in this heart.  elongating my breath in the poses.  doing laundry on a rainy monday morning.  a brightening effect.  cartoons, satire, levity.  change.  a brooder and a satirist walk into a bar.  aragonite and citrine.  instagram obsessions.  what if it went away?  all online everything?  i love online.  i know vadar lurks in every aspect, as does luke.  things are not black and white.  having a hot flash.  focusing on allowing myself to rebirth without first knowing the design, but instead following the ace of wands within.  the inner fire.  getting me in touch with the inner body.  inner life.  to be completely alone, walking to the beach.  to be completely alone, looking for a job.  i’ve done it before and can do it again.  i am good at being completely alone.  too good.  would like it better to move with a partner in crime.  but most likely aint gonna happen.  shhhh. stop analyzing the details.  watch lej videos instead.  last day of work before vegas vacation.  happy to be seeing my folks.  happy to be getting off the hill.  did so much apartment clearing this last week, i could just about pack everything i own up in a compact.  by the time i go, it will be a suitcase.  objects are easy to discard.  even the sentimental ones.  i know well how to leave and own almost nothing, yet feel entirely full.  gifts.  a raven just landed on the roof across the way.  message for the day: you’ve got wings, use them.