lil sunday hermit blog….

everybody and their mother is getting sick right now.  you too?  it touched the outskirts of me yesterday as i found myself sneezing non-stop and feeling fatigued.  after my jog i decided to lay down, and aside from a quick run to get palak paneer, i stayed supine all day and all through the night.  slept like a log and dreamed hard and understood from my dreams the very root of the shadow feeling which bubbles up into reoccurring experiences of feeling unseen.  very productive dreaming, and some of the deepest sleep i have had in a decade.  all pertinent with this full moon lunar eclipse and me teaching the hermit class tomorrow.  i need to reap the benefits of what i am teaching as to be authentically inspiring.  i am inspired.  by deep long bouts of solitude.  it’s been years since i have had the luxury to experience this.  at first i meet it kicking and screaming, always.  cause i wanna go out, want a partner, want to have fun…i walk though the park in the mornings and see all the families and couples enjoying the weekend together…i pine, long, and don’t understand why i always have to be alone and all that crap.  i also miss my youth when friends hung out more often, not tethered yet by nuclear life.  but alas, once my brain surpasses the kicking and screaming phase, there comes an opening that could not come being constantly interrupted by others.  have you ever been alone for days on end?  for like two, three, four days in a row?  it’s magic what happens to me.  the wisdom that needs loads of alone time to make it’s way to the surface of my heart, like a timid little puppy.  the creativity that is unlocked.  the peace that is restored.  it’s not the same for everybody.  i know this.  only for true introverts, artists, mystics, etc.  if you don’t vibe, no worries.  for me, this is needed.  and i think, even when i do find my partner, it will be important to have these blocks of time every now and again.  i mean, every day i need some solitude.  an hour or two will do.  but these blocks of days are amazing as well.  they don’t need to happen all the time. anyhow, blah blah blah, don’t need to get all time management-organized about a future that has not happened.  solitude rocks.  so does turmeric tea, my latest thing.  two heaping teaspoons of turmeric, some cinnamon, a hint of black pepper, a dash of half and half or coconut milk, and a dollop of raw honey.  once a day.  healing as all hell on the tummy, on the disposition, on the heart.  i am in love with turmeric.  it’s the little things.  making lemonade out of lemons and finding the nectar in every challenge.  allowing new life to come to me.  i am the magnet.  so mote it be.