saturday’s splatter….

he said he feels like jumping into something new.  that life has been too comfortable.  and it dawned on me that i feel the same too.  the routine has become automatic, while the inner spirit grows dramatic.  it’s been wonderful, these past four years since i moved back to seattle from new york city, san francisco, portland, and missoula.  wrote a novel.  overcame ptsd and anxiety with working.  got on the yogi path.  shed a bunch of inner and outer weight.  unified my energy.  threaded myself to community.  started teaching.  went through two relationships with men.  ended a bunch of karma.  and found stability in the sacred groove, in doing what is most loving no matter how intense the opposites of pleasure and pain.  so now what?  does that friggen earthquake come that everyone’s freaking out about?  i hope not, but if so, i am gonna live through it.  more likely my life will change, but society will stay the same.  time will tell, but i do feel the end of a life phase.  these past few days i feel i was tested. and passed.  what did i learn?  that all of life, and i mean ALL of it, is one.  and energy is energy.  and if you allow your consciousness to embrace this, removing emotion and judgement, you can manipulate reality.  reality is like clay that way.  we sculpt our experience.  on a slight tangent, many people think the millennials are self entitled brats.  but i don’t see that.  i see that they know something important in their hearts, even if this is being exploited by the cosmic imperialist agenda.  they know sovereignty in their hearts, even though sovereignty is not what they think it is.  it’s not more money and things, it’s not a self centered existence.  it’s more like….in this reality, we are born into bodies, and these bodies operate as individuals.  being an individual is a beautiful work of art made by spirit, spirit being nature, nature being life.  so even though when you zoom out and get meta, we are all one, when you zoom in, we are each a particular one.  the goal, is to get all of these particular ones to get along in harmony and to create a beautiful society in co-creation with our mom, earth.  it’s a process, involving struggle, death and rebirth.  and the key is becoming responsible for what each of us creates.  this responsibility is our sovereignty.  this is the path i am walking anyways.  love is the awareness, anchor, lesson, glue, and reason…which can only be felt to work, not simply mentally spouted or understood.  in the meantime, not giving any power away to an external power source, external god, external anything.  there is really no such thing anyhow.  the sacred other as god, goddess, mother, father, partner, lover, friend, sister brother, galaxy, universe, nature is an equal reflection of all individual forms.  from the perception of michelle, this is what i feel, spoken from a michelle-less place.  anyhow….not very poetic this morning.  feeling concerned and serious is more the case.  maybe it’s cause venus is about to enter virgo.  who cares about the reason though.  time to let go of all that for a minute.  yes, mercury, statistics and logic are valid and just as real as neptune’s dreaming and the unexpected power of spirit.  all inclusive is this reality.  yet with direction i move toward manifesting the dream i devote to…call me crazy….