ecosystem spittles out from inside a human….

so many tears produced by so much fear.  pouring out like a waterfall before bed, without logic and reason, witnessed by the red light bulb glowing neon.  watching mental stories scour the mind.  leaving behind traces of hope for better future choices.  it’s all about choices in the cards these past weeks.  every client’s lesson on repeat.  including me.  ordinary mystic.  another human karmic logistic.  meditating the karma away and feeling pure expansion, is the tacit.  you have nowhere to go and nothing to be.  wash lather rinse repeat.  don’t forget to wash the feet.  my other mantra: who are you when you aren’t loved?  i am….solid like frankincense.  you know what you’re getting when you’re getting the sun.  female sun.  radiating light even though deep down inside it’s a shadow walk these days.  but duality is dissolved by love that cannot be split into opposites.  geranium whiffs balance the hormones while mars in cancer sits on his throne.  knowing i can make a life change, and that it may not be what i think cause it’s still unknown.  though the shift is real no matter how it winds up lookin.  dreams of flying all night, and men with other women wanting me.  the complications of earthly reality.  contraction and expansion.  you can go here.  you cannot go here.  you were wounded this way, and it’s making you generalize, spit, curdle, and tighten your mind into concrete slabs that can no longer play.  i want no part of that psyche.  i wish to be supple, and flow like fire water into the cavernous regions of society’s complexity.  i wish to dig into the soil.  i wish to be closer to earth.  but i can wear these city clothes and walk the blocks, carrying a purse.  life here will always be partially what you want and partially what you don’t want.  partially loss and partially gain.  partially pleasure and partially pain.  it will never be what you thought it would in your head.  and no matter what, you are destined for dead.  the body is anyways.  so can i become even more buoyant?  sure thing.  the serious nature needs humor to stay happy in human skin.  it’s always both, as i always say.  don’t ever push half of life away.  let the opposites love make by the sea and laugh at their mental mortality.  new moon in virgo is detailing out the ways to make the journey better while all the cancer stuff reminds me to accept everything exactly as it is under any kind of weather.  can you hold simultaneous notions in your head?  walking the middle, the fine line, tossing a glittering baton while tip toeing along a gossamer thread.  skillz, babe.  that’s all she said.  no dot dot dot ending.  no wafting away like a receding shore.  today, a blunt chop, sitting at the end of the paragraph like a bathroom stall.