little monday blog….

yesterday i sat on the earth, on my blue scarf, and watched plays.  Gilgamesh and As You Like It.  wasn’t prepared with a full blanket, food, drink, and all the accouterments, but seemed like that would be the way to go.  maybe a little back from the crowd too.  just like the olden days when plays were the television.  live action.  under the sky and on the ground.  twas a weird day alright.  i feel weird right now.  my blogs the past three or four days reveal it.  not as poetic or smooth.  choppy and cracking open.  different.  this is uranus and i have been feeling him.  he is making us all different and new.  i feel different and new.  but not identified yet.  who am i?  doesn’t matter.  keep on going to yoga, work, and dreaming of living on the water.  make a painting.  hang with loved ones.  keep transforming.  i just don’t feel heady at all.  makes me wonder if i will stop blogging.  no.  blogging is poetry for me and the poetry will return once uranus has had his way with my dna.  visions are pouring through yet i feel lazy to write them down. unsatisfied on some level i cannot figure out.  that’s not true.  know my grist and it’s all the strength card right now.  change is going to be unpredictable.  pay attention to the details.  brush the skin.  highlight the unseen.  listen in.  amber on the wrist.  geranium over the heart.  shut the logic and do my part.  don’t even know what i am saying….