splattering myths onto a laptop…

sitting in a purple tank top and underwear, sweaty thighs sticking to the red vinyl couch.  burning frankincense and jasmine resin.  baba hanuman being the honey.  sunset casting a honey light against sea shell colored buildings.  the sky is soft tonight and the moon full.  a sturdy full.  strong enough to absorb all of those intense emotions you are feeling.  let em out.

it’s been waterworks for me round here.  a lot to do with elephants painting and finding out they are being abused.  then watching a baby elephant rescued by humans, and crying tears for how loving and helpful people can be, and how animals and human animals share a relationship that is tender.  my heart is stilled by this…

taking time to feel…

the city is glazed in light like a doughnut.  fake and real together, this is city life.  the polarity.  black and white.  good and evil.  love and hate.  what is this?

it is a perception.  a construct.  nothing more than a fabrication of the mind.

what is really underneath this fabrication?

ebb and flow, says the moon…ebb and flow….

why’s it so hard to allow pain to flow?  is it our perception of pain that makes it hard to allow pain to flow?  that causes us to grip pain by the throat, judge it, abuse it, wish to kill it, lie to it, run from it, spit on it, try to hide it.

a long time ago, gaia and uranus had a love affair of sexual delight.  he was making her grow with a beautiful image of her held in mind, and she was nourishing his tired heart, bringing him back to life.  they created many many many children spontaneously from their mutual adoration.  in fact, much of the animals you see today birthed onto earth’s shores from their love making.  but some were ugly.  hideous even.  mother earth panicked each time this happened, and did not want uranus to find out.  she was afraid if uranus saw the gross children, he’d feel ashamed of her.  so she hid them inside of her body, deep in the subconscious, in the blue fires of her inner core.  but the stuffing away began to make her sick.  she did not feel like love making much as a result.  uranus knew something was up and when he asked, she confessed, showing him the buried children, all those monsters locked away deep inside.  uranus fumed, offended and shocked with hurt, that she hid and lied to him.  His red and orange fumes wrapped around a sudden shame he felt for the children right as he saw them (just as mother earth predicted-she knows him well). rage confiscated his temperament, without his conscious control.  when this happened, she and the children were scorned by him, before he zoomed off into the distance, as far away as he could get in the galactic net.

since then shit’s been trying to get itself worked out, and this is the karma we all still live today in one form or another….

can mother earth forgive herself and uranus?  can uranus forgive himself and mother earth?


i feel yes….

this blog is a splattering alright.