the religious bubble deluge…

i’m calling it the religious bubble.  it has nothing to do with actual religion, but i am using the word religion, because this word refers to an encapsulated mind set where the heart is devoted to that mind set, through faith, belief, or some form of emotional devotion.  yet the religious bubble transcends beliefs about the nature of reality.  it is the bubble every human lives inside.  it is the human mental paradigm, what we believe to cope with life.

it can be new age, christian, mormon, muslim, agnotistic, atheist, wicaan, pagan, buddhist, sufi, voodoo, etc, or it can be undefined spiritually.  being undefined is still a defined religious bubble, it just means your religious bubble is to not be defined.  even defining that we all have religious bubble is a religious bubble.  the religious bubble is everything we tell ourselves about what life is about.  do you believe in true love?  do you think we are just animals reacting to our environment?  are you a strictly moral thinker with high expectations?  do you have a nihilistic streak?  are you practical or idealistic?  on and on….

everything you think about yourself, others, life, love, spirituality, and everything under the sun, is your religious bubble.  you get the idea.

we all live inside of one, and the temperament of these bubbles vary as well.  is your religious bubble made of steel or silk?  are you open to changing your religious bubble, or is your religious bubble set in stone?  do you judge the bubbles that are different than yours, or does your bubble believe in accepting in differences?  how much can another person’s religious bubble penetrate your religious bubble?

going deeper…how did you create your religious bubble?  was is unconsciously created by your family of origin, conditioned by your youth, set into motion by the influences of those close to you?  is your bubble created from reacting to pain and disappointment?  or is your bubble created by a vision or ideal you generate from within, not based on experience in the world?  i see everybody’s bubbles, including my own, so clearly.

oh, they believe this because they were hurt, and this belief protects them from being hurt again.  oh, i believe this because of a feeling i have on the inside, even though life has proven to be the opposite on the outside.  oh, this belief was created so they could adapt to their partner. oh that belief i created because i needed to overcome this negative behavior…

on and on….we all create and live inside our religious bubbles….and this truly is delusional…

and beautiful….

it is human poetry….and human suffering….both beauty and ugliness, and all of our actions stem from the contents of our religious bubble..

lately i have become hyper aware of mine, again.  because people are highlighting dormant aspects, or contrasting active aspects of my religious bubble…it’s really got me reflecting….and i see how entrenched i have been in my religious bubble, and i know why too.

before getting entrenched in my bubble i was always so hyper aware that i was living inside of it, that i never allowed myself to entrench into it too far.  what this looked like was always keeping a falcon eye on my beliefs, knowing they are nothing more than beliefs.  then, i realized, that i wanted to create a new reality, and to do so, i needed to entrench into the belief, and use it like a sculptor’s tool, to sculpt out life, to make choices, so that new experiences would happen.  knowing that belief creates choice, and choice creates reality.

so i dove in, and became my religious bubble full on…and yes, much was shifted in my world as a result.  my life became less chaotic, more streamlined, more peaceful, because of the entrenchment into my beliefs about purifying my heart, and coming into my body and into the present.  all the buddhist stuff, all the bhakti stuff, belief in dedication, belief in actualizing ideals….i dove deep into these beliefs, and it’s been working for me, producing so much fruit…that i got to the point where i stopped being hyper aware of my religious bubble, and was more, living on belief-auto-pilot.

until this week.  when certain new people have contrasted me.  nothing like contrast to highlight your religious bubble.  opposites.  polarity.  this is the real fodder of the soul.  (says my religious bubble of course).  anyhow, by being in the company of others i really like, who have a religious bubble so different than my religious bubble, or a bubble that reflects an older version of my bubble, i have been catapulted back into reflection of my religious bubble.

hyper aware of it.  seeing it for what it is.  my way of coping in life.  my poetry.  the vulnerable animal’s signed sealed and delivered m.o.

and yet underneath is the vulnerable animal herself…and she is all love….but that’s just another religious bubble talking…the bhakti religious bubble.  seeing the religious bubble for what it is, as attachment to a story, ( the buddhist perspective), is also a religious bubble.

it’s all a fucking religious bubble! and there is so escape!

this is when i enter into absurdity, because i see how every single thread of belief, which is everything the mind creates, is nothing more than a religious bubble, it holds no weight really, even though our beliefs create our lives, which is very weighty.  the weight is in the experience, not the belief, and yet it’s the belief that started it.  all experiences stem from beliefs, and grow within the religious bubble.

as humans, we choose our religious bubble…or rather, the choice is always there for us, if we partake in choosing.  many religious bubbles don’t believe in choice, or don’t know there is such thing as a choice to me made.  many religious bubbles proclaim that “this is just the way it is”, and deeper still…many religious bubbles don’t believe that choice or free will is even real in the first place.

if we cannot escape the religious bubble due to being humans with minds…best to make a religious bubble that creates a happy and meaningful life, that’s what my bubble says.  i would rather generate beliefs that create peace than suffering.  i believe in the things i believe in, because i am fan of happiness and peace, i am a romantic dreamer, even if my feet are so on the ground, i see through every belief, as nothing more than a coping mechanism streaming out from the brain of a complicated human.

do i have a point to this blog?  not really.  just highlighting the religious bubble.  maybe partially to help soften my bubble and inspire you to soften your bubble, so we all love one another more?  maybe partially because i have a religious bubble that contains opposing beliefs, and probably always will, and i am still bubbling up acceptance for this.  learning how to contain duplicity peacefully is a cool thing, because it makes me able to be a peaceful human in the world, and my bubble values peace.  i also like challenges.

i don’t want to exist in a religious bubble that is all comfort either.  i don’t want to watch tv every night and do the same things every day and be on auto-pilot with my beliefs.  i don’t want my beliefs to be cemented down, i would rather they be written on papyrus paper, or maybe just written in sand by the sea.  i like the idea of the supple idea.  i like flow and movement mentally.  and stillness too.  but not cement, not rigidity.

meditation cultivates stillness and peace, outside of the religious bubble, this is known fact about the practice, and nothing new.  yoga cultivates this sense of stillness and peace too.  again, nothing new.  both are needed.  the bubble is awesome and so is the stillness.  i like the mind.  i love philosophizing, i love being heady, i am mercurial, it’s fun for me, it’s a turn on.  so i don’t want to just be a non-thinking peaceful creature of stillness either.

maybe the inspiration for this blog, heralds a calling to become even more mentally supple…back off the religious bubble a little bit more…listen more to feelings, turning the volume down on thoughts…

spring is coming after all….

perhaps spring is writing is this blog…

could be…