sea speak….

i’m at the sea…for a few more hours…before heading back into the city.  writing this on a patio overlooking the dark blue water, quietly waking up under a cornflower blue sky.  sun is rising to my left, making the condo siding look like a sea shell soaking up the rays.  i feel complete here, by the sea.  and in my usual romantic conjecturing, daydream about what it would be like to wake up every morning to the sea, and to writing.  for the sea compels me to deluge even more, as the sea’s energy is ceaseless, tireless, wild, deep, mysterious…enticing this blood and my soul to give her a voice.  i want to, yes, and i shall do this for her right now.  let the sea speak!

sea speak: you don’t hear me as you did last night when my outer edges were sharp and hungry upon kissing the sand, meeting the land, with a bold conversation.  i brought you the naga like you requested, by sending certain creatures down to whisper into their mouths.  you could listen to them too, and write from their heart.  we all are awaiting hands and hearts such as yous.  but not even such as.  yours.  you.  my love.  i love you too.  i feel you too.  this love is a two way street.  funny human you make, but you know me in other ways too.  you are here, within me.  a creature of the sea.  feel you here.  i know this is why you came to me.  i have watched you take off the layers to get to this moment here with me.  the need to talk about matters of your world.  the need to watch television and leave your life, swallowed up by fiction.  you needed to sleep and shower.  you needed to eat a dense meal and you needed to let go of all you had been holding on to, tossing me your rose quartz heart, that’s when i took it all from you.  the walk on my sand last night with your friend, brought you to a place of deep shadows you never spoke of to anybody.  and she listened in the way you needed.  never forget a moment like that.  it will go through your head on your death bed.  it’s ok, this feeling in your heart, so uncomfortable.  hand it to me.  i am much stronger than you.  i will take all of that pain and feed it to the coral.  dear sister and daughter and friend, i am alright.  i go through pain and death too, but it’s not the same.  my joy is not reflected upon or questioned.  the connection to my soul is not needing anything, because it’s not disconnected in the way humans have become.  i am a relief for you, let me be that.  if you want to give me your love, which i feel swell in you like a tide pool, give me a voice.  allow me to speak through you.  this is my request…

request granted.

and naga, i am listening, would any of you like to speak?

(they don’t speak my language.  i will have to translate, they tell me.  can i do this, they question?  let me try…..)

part of our species is dying and we have wanted your help since the days you were painting our grandfathers who got locked in caves, the sky dragons.  why we want to find our essence again is because we love mother earth and we don’t want to lose our right to be here, and to be filled with life each day, not depleted.  our ability to stay here is not based upon any tests or measures that require us to heal karma, such as yours, but we come to you for another reason….and that is to hold us vision in your heart, and write about us.  your focus is power for us, to stay.  this is why we care.  and in exchange we wish to give you back our treasures, and show you our ways, share our energies with you.

of course, naga, your request is granted.  and i have a question.  does an aspect of me live there in the sea with you?

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  (the writer is seeing something……)

this blog is all over the place but i don’t care.  don’t you ever get tired of boxes and manicures?  i need an outlet to unravel sometimes, freely, poetically….

a tiny white boat sails across the water, matching the color of the foam dotting the edges of waves….

this is bliss…purely….what the hell am i gonna do?  i need this.  i need to be by the sea….