more raw retrograde typed thoughts….

supple.  tire swinging over a lake.  this is my brain, my ideas, my beliefs that surround my spiritual core.  those who think radically in any direction cause my teeth to bare, and me to say no with every cell.  fundamentalist religion the most, because prejudice hides behind “god” and believers really believe it, creating a force field around them that is the “word of god”.  radical atheism denies all experiences that are beyond the five senses which seems very limiting to me.  these beliefs exist though.  when the former comes into politics and wants merge church and state, i feel like a mamma wolf ready to rip apart anybody trying to hurt my cubs.  when the latter judges me for being woo woo, i am learning how to not take it personally.  lessons.  i look forward to the day when the religions of the world fall, and spirituality is returned to its rightful domain, when science interweaves to prove the existence of other dimensions and atoms being conscious, and when wonder is restored to the heart, so that the mind once again, can embrace the mystery, and life itself will be felt as “god”, and nobody needs to project it into a man in the sky, or deny the vastness of creation.  i look forward to a day when truth is embraced in every human heart on this planet.  it wont be in my life time though.  and i do believe in this happening.  call it rose colored glasses syndrome.  might be.  i don’t need to cling to this vision with clenched teeth.  but i will continue to be an anchor of love, reason, and justice for all, including earth.  desire to return to vegetarianism.  heart purifying this week.  not much writing, but a ton of letting go.  no need to go radical.  supple is this mind.  tire swinging over a lake.  open is this heart, the lake.  allowing love to be sacred in all its forms.  and continuing to love all people, and bare my teeth at the paradigms of thought, not the people.  though my id is strong right now, i admit.  i feel angry cause i feel hurt.  i am using this anger to remind myself how much i love.  would not be angry if i did not love. reading a maharaji story helped.  meditation is needed too, i know.  rose quartz in the bra is softening.  i guess the super bowl is coming up soon.  could it be, i am feeling the seattle emotional intensity from that, in my own way?  people go nuts over their sports teams, as if every ounce of their desire gets superimposed onto the team, and winning the game means they win and life is good and right.  we are all children at heart.  i felt that feeling a lot when i was little.  remember watching family feud with my parents and rooting so hard for the winning team i would jump up and down at the end, if my team won.  there’s this desire in us.  it burns like a wild flame and needs to be contained, and gets contained into devotion to teams, gods, careers, relationships, and often into addictions too.  this fire is the will crammed into such a tight space, the body!  the world and all its limitations!  fire is our will.  water is our heart.  air is our mind.  earth is our body.  we are elemental beings, hurrah!