bright happy new moon blog…

today is the new moon and mercury goes retrograde and mars is still in pisces and this is a run on sentence cause i gotta write quickly before yoga so i don’t miss it today since the water will be turned off in my building tomorrow wanna make sure i get there today for sure and it’s the new moon and i am trying real real hard to not chop my hair off but i might cause taking care of long hair is a pain in the ass and i am getting tired of it being a minimalist and all.  so much is pouring through the ethers into my inner sight right now, it’s hard to focus on body, but i must.  stay in body.  don’t make the mistake made in the past where you get too high from visioning and lose touch with toes.  that’s why i dreamed last night of vomiting again, and of this man telling me bad things about my feet.  more purging in deep sleep.  come more and more into the ground, as the other dimensions sweep me around.  mercury tells us to go within till feb. 10th.  reflect, review, revise.  wanting to make romantic love playful again, after years of lessons with past life lovers or the wrong men.  painted turquoise mu yesterday.  she is here to inspire.  her life back then was on romantic fire.  she loved a good man who treated her well and she treated him well.  she was an artist in all formats, and he was a violinist and sea explorer.  she ran away with him when her proverbial ship was about to go down.  she was a rebel.  rough apatite brings through the story, and other beings.  powerful little specimen.  want to travel some place in the himalayas this year. want to sing.  real bad.  oceanic ears.  sang the saraswati chant to my feet and felt bliss as i repeated her seed sound, iam.  singing was my first love.  it’s all about joy right now.  letting go of heavy karma, like detoxing from heavy metals, taking diatomaceous earth, and sleeping off toxins.  i get to be turquoise this life, even if i am green in the soul.  switching up the costumes and assigning new roles.  self generating a turquoise fire.  flames licking my purpose higher.  bring love.  be love.  anchor love.  give love.  understand love.  grow love.  hide oneness within as the treasure…allowing myself to be a temporary creature.

jai earth!

turquiose mu-1