gratitude blog

although i don’t celebrate the europeans taking the land away from the native americans by force and bullying after some supposed meal of peace (that i feel is pure fiction) in order to make this wonderful country manifest, that i love and i am grateful for (thank you freedom of speech)…i am celebrating today the giving of thanks.  taking a break from my underworld journeying to enjoy my friends, eat, drink and be cozy.  hence, this is a gratitude blog of everything i feel grateful for in a one five minute spew….

thank you for my health and body housing me in this lifetime in this moment, i am aware of how fragile you are…thank you freckles and curly dark hair and strong legs and soothing voice and pretty face and working limbs and happy organs….thank you my dear blood family and how unconditionally we love one another despite our differences….thank you my wonderful soul kindred friend family all over the the united states and all over the world even though i have yet to meet you in the physical…thank you seattle mothership, for you always catch me when i fall and center me back into my soul and you are breath taking in your beauty and magic…thank you crystal and mineral kingdom for being my beautiful, powerful healers and teachers…thank you incense, oils and perfume for making me happy….thank you candle light for making my nights warm and luscious…thank you water for nourishing me…thank you earth for being my amazing mysterious home, my time here has grown my soul in leaps and bounds…thank you food for being a yummy off the charts sensory pleasure…thank you coffee especially, i really dig you….thank you color, i am in love with you beyond words…thank you music for filling me with joy…thank you art for being my life’s passion…thank you words for being my life’s work…thank you meaning for being my impetus….thank you philosophy for keeping me occupied on an abstract mental level….thank you spirituality for finding me when i was in my darkest hour and taking me back to love…thank you isis, lakshmi, venus, gaia, osiris, angels, fairies, dragons, my unicorn familiar, koala, kitties, doggies, whales and dolphins, spiders, moon mother, st francis, st anthony, st michael, st germain, christ, buddha, adromedans, pleaidians, and the violet flame for being my posse and devoting your energy toward helping this planet and all of us….thank you incarnation for making me able to type…thank you blue lily-you little lotus you….thank you joey the cat for being so silly and cute….thank you to the trees i have become so close to in seattle…thank you bird tribe-you know who you are…thank you stars for dreaming up this whole thing…. thank you imagination for the being the portal between worlds…thank you moon for being my guide…thank you sun for being my light…. thank you universe for being my being on the inside but seemingly on the outside as the container i live inside…thank you absurdity for being my laughter…thank you pain for being the most challenging teacher to grow the soul since the big bang…(thank you code language for helping me say what cannot be spoken)….thank you ellipses that i rely upon…thank you internet for posting this to the world as some sort of time capsule in space so that if i die today, there is this piece of me left in the world web sky…thank you gratitude for letting me feel this feeling…now i feel i am about to cry….not really, but it rhymed…