samhain invitation…

it’s not a big deal for me to share my dark side with you…i don’t mind sharing my struggles, insecurities, doubts, sorrows, flaws and frustrations…i hope by doing so, that you can relate in your own way and gain something from my words…it’s a part of my joy.

yet i still don’t share the bulk of my dark experience.  i can’t.  there is no way you can be inside my soul, feeling my experience, knowing how i experience pain…that part is private, so private…that only i can truly understand and relate to myself…

i encourage you, this samhain, to get in touch with your dark side, the bulk of it, what nobody else can comprehend.

when i say dark side…i mean, your sorrow, anger, despair, emptiness, grief, and rage.  i don’t mean pity or blame.  pity is mental story, it’s a “why me” story.  and blame is the same in reverse, a mental “why you” story.  this is the kind of stuff that’s fun to write about and understand on a mental level, in hopes we can learn to let it go…because letting go of the story is key…to giving the emotions motion…to psychological alchemy.

this blog is not about that…it is about feeling.

i invite you to feel your own dark feelings, without any stories attached, alone in sacred silence, and with how you connect to Spirit.  i invite you to do this for as long as it takes…until all judgment is removed, until all aversion to these dark feelings are faced and you get to the other side.

the side of acceptance.

samhain is the time when the veil is the thinnest between the physical and non-physical worlds, between earth and spirit, between life and death, between within and without.  we can use the energy how we choose.  i invite you to surrender yourself to your other side, to within.  surrender the extroverted you, that is always sharing, talking, looking to others for inspiration, comfort, and stimulation…to the introverted you, and go within to feel your feeling alone, and give that gift of self acceptance to yourself.

even if only for an hour.  build it up.  build up your ability to be in silence, feeling the dark feelings, without making stories in your mind, without blaming, judging, pitying, analyzing.  it’s sort of like a meditation for the heart.  we need to feel.  it is so important.  the beauty of this is that you become your own care taker, your own validator, your own self healing, regenerating, compassionate and wise being.

see you on the other side.  (rebirth).