rosemary knowledge…

a friend took me to the lawn of her friend’s home and cut off a big branch of rosemary for me, because i told her how into rosemary i am.  the proprietor of sugar pill informed that rosemary supports the emotions when we get overwhelmed by all the pain in the world.

i put the branch on my alter to dry, and have been burning little bits of it morning and night, feeling the smoke absorb my sense of overwhelm.  i’ve also been eating rosemary bread because a customer left her gluten free rosemary loaf on the counter, and never returned for it.  rosemary oil is in the oil blend i spray all over my body to avoid getting sick and to boost my immune system.

rosemary and i are best friends.

i watched a little clip on the making of rosemary’s baby.  it’s one of my favorite movies.  found it because douglas coupland posted it on his twitter page.  i love how he writes descriptions, as if liberating adjectives and metaphors from cages.  the rawness of his characters and their flaws inspires me too.

i can’t say enough, about how vulnerable and tender human beings feel when reading about them verses watching them.

the visual aspect to story art is strange.  there’s an addictive quality to seeing a story on screen.  no room is left for imagination.  it feels like eating candy.  instant rush.  instant revulsion too.  i can read about violence but i cannot watch it.  the eyes looking at stories go right to the primal feelings.  the eyes reading words about a story, make the brain come up with images, which makes feelings go to a higher heart place.

what does that mean?  the higher heart?

in the new age community it’s a chakra, which is an energy center, a vortex of the body.   the higher heart chakra is between the heart and throat chakra.  it’s where compassion exudes from, and unconditional love.  so they say.

i trust the power of the ancients ones to understand how energy runs, and where vortexes and meridians are in the body.  the chinese and indian especially, their understanding of human health on an energetic level is remarkable.

i am not sure if the higher heart thing sprung from the channel of a modern or ancient mind, and i am more doubtful and discerning of modern channels.  speaking of…

it’s interesting how some people are purely empiricists.  empiricism is their religion.

perhaps because all the trouble and pain religion has caused humanity, emotionally propelled them into rejecting all forms of knowledge other than that measured by the five senses.   perhaps because humans tend to glorify one mode and repress other modes of knowing because we are taught to do that by our cultural upbringing.  or other reasons..

my point being, i am for all modes of gaining knowledge being equal and valid, and having their rightful place.

for example…i sure as hell would not want a surgeon to channel the information needed to do something inside of a human body.  please, use the knowledge of the five senses.  at the same time, the channeled information that allowed humans to write down the meaning of the effect the stars have on our temperament is appropriate.

if i imagine a world dominated completely by empiricist knowledge, it makes me feel as sad and empty as a world dominated by religion.  the right and left brain are equally valid partners in gathering knowledge and obtaining wisdom.

i suppose using the right brain to channel metaphysical information needs to be taken with a lighter more child like heart.  the rigidity and dogma behind it, is what ruins the natural sense of connection to the unseen we are all capable of being connected with.  you can still hold knowledge as dear and valid, without needing to claim it literally, and as true for all.  where as, it’s good for the surgeon to be strict and objective with her sense of knowledge.  rules and regulations make sense on the operating table.

i am balance oriented.  my compulsion is to restore balance.  to bring back the validity of feelings and channeled information, imagination and curiosity, the open mind, the child like heart…and spirit, not as a claimed empirical entity, walking through a dogmatic maze of metaphysical rules and regulations run by a controlling eye…but as the mysterious root to our current existence in this electro-magnetic prism we find ourselves in.

i know science will eventually make bridges and empirically prove more…but i also know that the root of spirit cannot and will never be detected by the five senses.  my heart feels this.  and i am content to connect through feelings, not needing proof, rules, or physical absolutes to honor and revel in my spiritual relationship with life…

but that’s just me.