Pisces Full Moon Stream…

It’s kind of funny to call my tarot clients “clients”.  They don’t feel like clients.  They feel like fellow travelers on the path, kindred, aspects of myself, and I am aspects of them.

We are all one, literally.  I feel this literally.  And I am not doing this work for any other reason other than to reflect what they need to see within themselves.  And to be expected, like clockwork, I see myself reflected doubly back.

I am careful not to project my stuff onto them, by leaving myself at the door when I begin a reading.  But I don’t mean to say I am channeling someone else.  It’s more like, I am leaving little me at the doorstep, so Big Me can come through to speak truth.

Truth being, what is true to essence…not contorted, no exploited…not out of tune…not wrong or off.  This true to essence truth courses through my mind, getting distilled by my heart, and unleashes from my mouth like a waterfall gushing onto a a bed of green grass and fat grey rocks.

The information can change at any moment, because we can change at any moment.  But at the same time, there are also constants.

What can change is the course itself.  What cannot change is the outcome.  For what is written is written.  This is not to mean our fate is sealed.  And yet it is.  To live in between the ideas of a sealed fate and free will, is to live where guidance has tea with possibility.  It’s to understand without knowing.  And to live without caring about right verses wrong, cause it’s not about that.

It’s about being true to essence.  Which comes back to truth.  And truth is a verb more than a noun, and needs continual freedom to change.  Making almost everything I say able to be voided out at another date in time.

But at the same time not. Because there are constants.  Such as who you love.

We don’t choose who we love.  Love chooses us.  Love called us into being human, into being at all.  Love is carving out constellations from the black sea of the Universe and our nervous systems.  Love is life living.  Love is a beast, a bread slice, and a bowl.  Love is discovered.  Love is.

Who we love is not up to us.  And this is why every relationship reading has its set karma that cannot be changed.  Only the course can be changed.  Only what form of relationship you will manipulate out of the time you are given to feel the love.  But the love itself, is unable to budge.

It leaves open choices to make about how to best be true to the essence.

Every time you realize a pattern of yours that does not feel true to the essence, but instead feels more like an out of tune piano driving you nuts with discomfort…you know that you will also draw to you a person to love, who can live out that pattern with you in the realm of experience.  This person is your karma, and you two are magnets living out the same pattern of dissonance…which is always created from lack of love.

But the paradox is, there is no such thing as lack of love…so it’s more like the illusion of lack of love creating the illusion of an out of tune pattern making your life sorely uncomfortable, on repeat.

In a reading, this always shows up.  So you can find the pattern within yourself and heal it by recognizing it, and giving it back to Love, which is akin to throwing water on the wicked witch, watching her dissolve like she was never there to begin with.

Amazing…how Love makes illusions reveal themselves and vanish at the exact same time.

I have dissolved and am dissolving my illusions with Love, as I write this.  I am letting Love in.  I am returning myself back to true essence, back to Love.

So anyhow…by doing this, you call to you… True Love.  True Love is about many relationships, not just the romantic partner one.  It’s about friends, self love, energy, and soul family.

True Love is the romantic partner that grows who you are, and you grow who they are, and the love is fun, and unconditional, and devoted, and sexual, and lets itself change as it will without the need to possess it because it is already complete, already married.  Though having a marriage ritual is cool too.  It’s a romantic notion steeped in poetic desire.

Sexually, as human creatures, we desire to make an everlasting bond out of our sexual relations.  We do with friends too though.  Friends for life, right?  And with blood family, well, that can’t be altered, it’s blood.

A part of us craves the eternal, the immortal, the everlasting.  We are drawn toward the polar opposite of temporary because both exist, and yet we are born into temporary bodies and this trips us out hard core.  The sorrow, the anguish,  The let down.  But also, the beauty.  The beautiful sad.  Keeps us longing for the invisible eternal.  God.  Goddess.  Source.  The Other.  Love.  Energy.  Whatever you call the mysterious feeling you feel when you feel…it all…

I pour myself tall glasses of water every morning.  But there’s no right way to be.  You can pour thimbles of Kool-Aid if you like, and check out when needed.  You can believe whatever you want and see what that makes your life do.

You can shed all beliefs and feel your way into the moment, allowing your mind to be more reflective.

You can marry or not marry a person, an idea, a way of life.  You can create whatever structure you want, to feel safe.  And you can take those structures down when you want.

You choose your course, and discover why it ended the way it did, right there in the middle of free will and sealed fate, realizing….

They are the same from different modes of perception…

Because you are you, you are god, you are me, you are everything, you are an individual soul, you are energy dreaming being an individual soul, you are inter-dimensional thought form, you are extraterrestrial, you are spirit, you are body, you are the earth, and you are the sea…

You are nothing in particular, when there are no eyes to see, and that’s why all answers apply, and every reason has it’s place as star in the sky of understanding why…and yet at the very same time…an objective reality is putting perimeters around these words and laughing at me sweetly, teeth glittering like pyrite.