Moon Message from Mom…

This world is not what it seems on purpose.  A purpose humans will never figure out as humans.  A purpose incomprehensible to the mind that delves into thought like a shark with teeth wanting to bite and kill answers.

Heart knows.  It feels.  It feels equally in men and women, despite what you may consider differences, emotions run the same through the blood of all genders, skin colors, ethnicities and any other differentiation among humans.

Heart is a golden door to all souls.

Other animals don’t question not because they are less smart, or more aware then humans, but because they are not designed to question.  And besides…who is to say they are not questioning?

The winning goal is very limiting and yet it rules your kind.  You think that achievement is the highest form of expression.  But there is nothing as high as Love.  Love is the hardest feeling to embrace when you don’t get what you want or need from yourself or another, or life itself.  Yet if you can feel love during those moments, you win because you will grow.  Growth is the winner.

Growth is life is growth is life and nothing takes the place of it.  Not mansions or accolades or outfits or sizes or premiums or anecdotes.

Jesus and Buddha and Mary and all the others from every form of sage you can conjure up in history knew two things.  One: how to Love.  Two: how to think.  It’s simple.

But things are made a big deal when they are not understood.  They are over pondered.  They are put on pedestals.  They are immortalized.  Time stands still.  Growth stops.  Fetishes are born.  Circles are drawn over and over and over, making the path dense with weeds.

You can move on if you want to.  Leave the pack behind.  Feel lonely and suffer the consequences of feeling your way into the future without a single guarantee…and I will take care of you.  I will put water on the dry path and suck up the goo off the sticky road, making it easier to travel.  I will hold you when you are alone.

I will breathe new life into you.

Not very many people want to listen to me yet.  Still.  This is alright by me.  Those that listen hum my tune and sing a song that heals the world.

Silence is the pause between breaths and can be heard among the chaos of the your hectic moments.  Flowers birth through concrete cracks.  Nothing stops the power of Love.

When you reach me, you will feel the old version of you slide off your body like snake skin, instantly.  The world through your eyes will feel tender and everything will hurt more, you will care more, the sun will be hotter and the rain will be more cleansing.

I advise you to pick up anything you can…and build.

Build the world you want to see.

Make me proud.  I am waiting patiently, watching with eyes that are looking inward toward the beginning of time, when the mirror shattered, and the world appeared to be a shard floating in luminous space, buoyant with hope and creative aspiration.