The will to transform…

Choices.  It’s all about choices. That is what Universe is saying to me, with every person I read for, including myself.  We are learning how to use our free will.  How to face the consequences of our actions and feelings.

So much is hidden in the deep waters of the unconscious, that we don’t always know why we choose to do what we do.  You might think you want success or more money, when really, you are looking for self worth.  You might think you need to be with somebody because you love them, when really, you are afraid of being alone.  You might only want to buy that gadget because everybody else has one, and your brain is on autopilot.

The first step in using your will correctly, is to become conscious of your unconscious motives.

The first step in doing that, is to face feelings you usually try to avoid through work, distraction, drugs, booze, food, television, noise, never being alone, working out, being needed, shopping, etc.

Some desires are pure all the way to the bottom of the sea, where the soul dwells contentedly doing its work as a living consciousness, learning and expanding…

Other desires, when you get in five layers deep, morph into something totally different.

Here’s a clue.  If you are seeing yourself as a victim, chances are, five layers in, you are believing you are not worthy.  And this belief is drawing to you experiences that will continue to prove this.

We must clean up ourselves, to clean up the world.

This information is nothing new.  But more of a reminder today, for some reason…

Some people don’t believe in the unconscious, or the way we are fragmented.  They don’t see a sea.  They see a flat line.  They don’t operate in this fashion.

But just because you don’t believe in something, does not mean it is not happening.

Nature is nature.  The human capacity for mental and emotional complexity, the way our cells are programmed, the way our brains and chemicals operate…is operating no matter what you believe to be happening.

Some would not agree with this either.  They would say it’s all subjective, and nothing objective is happening ever.  But we all know that to believe that, is an objective belief.

I am more all inclusive.  Everything is happening.  Objective and subjective, both.  Some things are as they seem, some are not.   The seen and the unseen both operate.  There is always the dark side of the moon, and the life beneath the surface.

Love requires deep sea diving.  If you live in the surface of attraction, attachment, dependent programs that stem from patterns of behavior learned from parents, absrobed into the dna….then you will experience the same struggles as your folks, as your lineage, as to be expected.  To break these patterns you must take a deeper look, and not get caught up in the sensations of the surface.

You can be afraid of equal love and choose instead shallow or co-dependent attractions and attachments to fill the space.  You might play the victim too and say, “why does this always happen to me?”  You might not take responsibility for your choices.

To create and draw to you equal love, with a partner, friends, society….first you must take a deep dive into yourself and see what you are doing, what you are creating, what you fear.

You might fear intimacy because you think you are too ugly or fat skinny poor stupid or unlovable or old or insert judgement here.  You might have grown up in a harsh household and never felt equal love, and because of this, you fear it in the most unconscious way possible.  Maybe you think love is just going to arrive with wings on your doorstep while you keep on acting shitty or ignorant, or doing the same thing you always do that creates pain in the end.  The list goes on…

Every day is an opportunity to say, “enough is enough.”  To change your patterns of behavior and perceptions.

There’s a lot to be said for swimming upstream and going against your usual grain.

Much will be discovered when you explore yourself.  You might need a guide.  A therapist, or healer, or books, workshops, etc.

My wish would be for all of us to put in the work and effort.  I want to see myself create equal love.  I want to be with an equal partner.  I want my friendships to be equal.  I want to live in a society that treats humans with equality.  This desire goes to the very bottom, and I have been cleaning up my act for many years, and consider it part of my daily self care routine.  It requires bravery.

Equality. That means nobody is better than the other.  Nobody is taking more from the other.  Nobody is draining the life force of the other.  There is a balance of giving and receiving.  It does not mean that you must make the same amount of money, be the same size, have the same amount of things, etc.

It’s about harmonious relationship.  And what is that?  I will save the topic for my next blog.