Pondering Perspectives…

The Yin-Yang is a good symbol to describe the two axis perspective of being embodied.  For the sake of explanation, lets call these two perspectives: the human perspective and the soul perspective…

The human perspective is the animal perspective.  When we are born, we forget who we are, arriving embodied as infants with no cognizant memory of where we were before we landed here, on Earth.  Perhaps we have inklings, pictures, feelings about our soul beyond our earthly incarnation, but society’s conditioning, which teaches us to adapt to the world, quickly dissolves any fragments we might be holding onto from before this life.  We grow up and learn to behave correctly in order to provide shelter and food for ourselves, in order to have relationships, and in order to live in harmony within the complex cultural system that was put into motion way before we got here.

If we are lucky enough to survive, we learn to yearn for more…for the perfect love, more money, better looks, better health, accomplished careers….all the things a human being could ever want.  We develop mental stories around these desires for more, and call them dreams or goals, and we put much attention onto them, believing that if we get what our heart’s desire, we will be happy.  We strive to live fruitful and fulfilling human lives, hoping that when we die, we will die with much less regret, than happiness.  The ultimate attachment, being happiness.

The soul perspective is the spiritual perspective.  It’s a perspective that stems from seeing and remembering life beyond the human realm.  Our souls are multi-dimensional light beings, living many lives at once, simultaneously   Life is not linear outside of the human body perception, so it’s hard to talk about and difficult to translate into language.  To use a metaphor…see your soul as a crystal that hangs from the rear view mirror of a car, with the sun shooting into it…those rainbow patterns splattered all over the car interior, are all of the lives your soul is living at once… your soul being the crystal itself…while Spirit/Oneness/God/Goddess/Source is the sun.

From this perspective of soul, money means very little.  Finding the perfect partner for all of life means very little.  Having the perfect body means very little.  Career means very little.  Even survival is not such a big deal, because the soul knows if it needs to abandon a physical incarnation of itself, it still keeps on existing.  What is important to the soul is experience itself.  It wants to evolve, grow, create, and transform.  The soul’s passion is life itself, and it never stagnates, it’s always becoming new.  It enters each life, wanting to heal from any karma it’s been holding, and to express in ways it’s never expressed.  It wants to learn how to love unconditionally, while being an individual.  It wants to learn how to have compassion for all of life, as an individual.

The human perspective and the soul perspective might seem drastically different to the point where they can’t merge…and many spiritual philosophies tend to shun the human perspective, while worshiping the soul perspective.  This is merely a form of ignorance than stems from the human mind not being able to contain the idea that both are equally valid and beautiful, because we are both.  We are both human and soul.

We are Oneness expressing as soul, expressing as human (among other life forms).  All of life is spiritual and sacred.  Our human lives are equal in value to our soul life, even if our human life has an end point, while the soul doesn’t.  If you really want to trip out, remember….linear time does not exist outside of form.  So from the soul perspective, human life does not die, it continues on and on and on.  From my soul’s perspective, I am always Michelle, even though from Michelle’s perspective, I will die.  I know, it’s too much for the brain to fathom!

To keep it simple, I want to focus this blog on honoring both perspectives.  And how life will often bring us experiences to help us integrate the perspective we don’t pay enough attention to.  It’s all about balance.  For instance, when you have to deal with death, loss, illness, poverty, emotional or physical pain on any level…there is an opportunity to retreat into your soul for regeneration and wisdom.  For soul is the only place to go, when human life and external circumstances become immensely painful, for whatever reason.  If you are able to retreat to the soul, and not dwell in the human perspective of continually reacting to the pain, and remaining a victim, you will grow.

In fact, it is the soul that has manifested painful experiences, on purpose, in order to catalyze growth and expansion.  The soul always grows through pain.  If, when you are dealing with painful experiences, you call your soul forth, you will transcend the feeling of pain, learn a deep lesson, and grow.  Of course, the human part of us needs to cry, scream, and let out all the human wails of pain the human feels when hard times occur.  You have to honor both human and soul perspectives.  But if you don’t dwell in the pain (or avoid it), you will keep on moving, past the hurt, into the lesson, and you will transform as a human being, which in turn, will expand your soul…and you will evolve.

We all have the same lessons to learn, but we learn them at a different rate, and we have different lessons, in different lives.  Your soul might be here in this life to learn how to become a leader, where it was used to be a servant in the last life.  Or maybe your soul is here to learn how to surrender to love and family, when it has been used to being independent for many lives.  Perhaps your soul is here to learn how to find contentment even though you are restricted in every way on a physical level.  Or maybe your soul is used to constant restriction and is here to take it easy in this life.

The soul lessons are endless, and like the fingerprints on our hands, each one of us has our own unique divine plan.  There are many maps and tools one can turn to to get in touch with the soul lessons.  Looking at the birth chart, using tarot cards, meditating, and creative visualizing, are just a few ways to access your soul lessons.  Paying more attention to these soul lessons will empower you during hard times, to remember that you chose these challenges, and that ultimately, these challenges are here to serve human growth and potential.

If we get stuck in playing victim,  feeling powerless to all the injustice of the world, forgetting our soul power to transform and grow, reacting only as animals who are being wounded and mistreated, we will continue to manifest the same old suffering.  But if we realize that we brought these challenges to ourselves, and learn how to love and honor self, and then come together as a human race to defend our right to be happy individuals, then we can transform suffering into wisdom, and manifest a happier society for everybody, while the soul gains experience points for transforming darkness to light.

Back to the human perspective.  It is perfectly natural to want more.  Being human, just like being soul, means always wanting to grow, change, expand.  Perhaps we need to recognize the trap of thinking more money or the perfect mate will create happiness.  We must find contentment and peace within, from the soul perspective…in order to appreciate physical experiences for what they are.

As we all know, relationships, success, and anything we manifest on the physical plane, requires much effort and compromise, is a lot of work, and not all roses.  Also, once you find love and you will lose love to death or illness.  You have health and you lose health.  You make money and you lose money.  All good things eventually dissolve, and bad things happen.  Life in the human realm is both good and bad all the time, in constant flux, making all sense of physical security an illusion.  The only real security is found from a soul perspective, feeling Oneness, feeling our beingness beyond the temporal ups and downs of physical existence .

By getting more in touch with the soul perspective, the human perspective becomes more enriched.  We can appreciate romantic love, money, ambition, health and happiness, in new ways, more for the journey, not the outcome.  We can manifest experiences that are more authentic, and tend to these experiences with greater care.  The human experience and perspective is precious and valuable.  It’s amazing that we get to be these beautiful bodies and love other people, even if our health fails us, and we eventually die.  It’s amazing that we get to taste yummy food and swim in clear blue waters, even if we also have to do things we hate or experience deprivation.

It’s amazing we get to be a child to this luscious gorgeous planet, and hopefully we will learn how to treat the planet with more love and respect.  We are so lucky to be here!  We are blessed to be able to create and enjoy books, plays, movies, science experiments, paintings, technology, cities, villages, culture, poetry, philosophies, and everything you can imagine under the sun…even if we must also deal with all the ugliness, violence, and injustice.   Being human is the prize.  It’s what every soul wants to become.  It’s living fully.  Wanting to live a happy human life is the point.  We are not only here to learn lessons, expand, evolve, and help make the world better.  We are here to simply enjoy!

The human perspective is just as valuable as the soul perspective. The two perspectives work in tandem, like the Yin-Yang, because we are the two perspectives, we are soul and body, spiritual beings having a human experience, radiant beings of light manifested as form…there is the mysterious eternal part of us that is energy from Oneness…and there is the physical known part of us, that is constantly fluctuating between pleasure and pain, a temporal flash in the pan…we move like the infinity symbol, meeting in the middle, soul and body becoming one, alchemizing, creating a new version of sentience altogether…the symphony of creation never ends.

Spirit is an artist…