The Sacred Balance

It is the union of two people in a true love relationship, where the sacred masculine and feminine energies marry to make a larger whole, be it in a woman-woman, man-man, or man-woman relationship.  The feminine and masculine energies course through both the man and woman body.  Every person contains both the feminine and masculine energies within them.  Contrary to popular belief, the masculine is not the mind while the feminine is heart.  Both masculine and feminine share different aspects of thinking and feeling.  The feminine energy is receptive, yielding, conceptual, creative, nurturing, and desires to merge through relationship.  The masculine energy is active, assertive, targeting, focused, providing, and desires to individuate through relationship.  The feminine aspect in all of us is expressed in our desire to create love, beauty, art, and meaning with our human experience.  The masculine aspect in all of us is expressed in the action steps we take to provide what is needed for the feminine’s desires to manifest.  The feminine in us wants a “we” existence, and is collective minded.  The masculine in us wants a “me” existence and is individual minded.

When there is imbalance within, we experience unnecessary conflict in our lives.  I say unnecessary because a healthy dose of conflict helps us grow.  But when imbalance occurs, we create problems that hurt us more than help us grow.  If you are feminine heavy, you might experience being all talk-no action, and struggle to manifest what you want.  In relationships you might be needy, relying on others to make you feel how you need to make yourself feel, or to do what you need to do for yourself.  You might be too controlling and domineering, so that when  life is not going as planned, you shut down or lash out, and have trouble adapting.  You might neglect your rational side and feel overwhelmed by your feelings, unable to navigate yourself through a jungle of emotions.   If you are masculine heavy you might lack receptivity, needing life to always be your way or the highway, as you put down others who think differently than you, bulldozing through every obstacle and person in your path that does not serve your personal agenda.  You might lack empathy, objectifying others, resorting to violence or fanaticism.  You might be selfish, narrow minded, and cut off from Spirit and the feeling of love.  You could be overly focused on your body and external victory, while ignoring your internal self and deeper levels of understanding.  Or you could be neglecting the imaginative and non-rational aspects of your mind.  These are just some examples.

We see imbalance in society taking the form of oppression, tyranny, abuse, prejudice, poverty, and ignorance.  If the collective masculine energy that is manifesting our current human condition, was honoring the feminine desire for love, beauty, and harmony through relationship, we would live in a free world for all people.  At least as best as we can!  Some people see this as over idealistic ( “you may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”).  But I don’t see it as over idealistic.  Living in love and harmony is a practical endeavor.  The feminine energy in all of us knows that we are Spirit manifested and Spirit is love.  The feminine feels its loving connection with all of life, feels Spirit as such, and does not need rational explanations, creation stories, or philosophy to justify what it feels as truth.  When we are collectively in touch with our feminine ability to feel our spiritual non-physical connection, we feel love, and are inspired to treat one another, the planet, and all creatures with kindness, care. curiosity, and respect.  Mix that with the our masculine ability to target and manifest healing, healthy habits, prosperous culture, nourishing home life, and individual expression.  It’s not rocket science in my opinion.  Humanity has the spirit, intelligence, and tools to create a harmonious existence.

When the masculine and feminine energies are in balance within us, we experience a sense of harmony within, in our lives, and in society.  We are able to express our individual snowflake selves, as well as contribute as a partner, parent, child, friend, co-worker, citizen, and species member.  We are able to both dream up and take action steps towards manifesting what we want to create.  We can love and enjoy while also being proactive and responsible.  We feel a sense of deep inner strength when our masculine and feminine energies are in balance.  The real gold is the inner peace that becomes a reality when the feminine and masculine fuse together in sacred marriage within.  This internal marriage does not need a formal ceremony, nor is it a singular event.  It simply happens when we are in balance.  Balance between forces allows for merging.  From this merging we purify ourselves from the inside out, renewing our human spirit, evolving our attitudes and perceptions, and discovering the basic happiness which stems from growing.  We are meant to always be growing, that is the nature of being human.

The masculine and feminine energies make up the Universe.  We live in an electric-magnetic Universe.  Electric is masculine.  Magnetic is feminine.  Electric is force.  Magnetic is form.  The masculine is the pure creative force that is contained by the feminine energy of creative form.  The feminine energy, being creative form, is able to understand the bigger picture of life, and offers much wisdom as a result.  The masculine energy, being creative force, manifests by targeting what it wants to accomplish, remaining focused on the task at hand.  Without the masculine energy, the feminine is chaos soup, nothing is manifest, all ideas, forms, dreams, and energy swim in the endlessness of everythingness with no definition or movement.  It is stagnation.  Without the feminine energy the masculine is blind force, force with no meaning, emotion with no understanding, action with no reason.  It is reckless.  We can ponder one without the other, but in reality, one cannot exist without the other, for the masculine and feminine energies are mirror reflections of the same force…the mysterious force of Spirit, Oneness, God, Nature, Nirvana, whatever name you choose.

Coming into balance is the root of healing.  Healing begins with awareness and information.  Spiritual guidance, counseling, body work, eating healthy, exercise, meditation, being creative, connecting to Spirit in any way you choose, and finding simple joy in the moment, are all part of the process of coming back into balance.  Once your masculine and feminine energies are in balance, the internal sacred union marriage occurs, and you reach new levels of self love, awareness, and expression.  This is mirrored in true love unions.  Your partner balances you out, helps you improve what needs improving, nurtures was needs nurturing, shows you blinds spots, makes life easier and more fulfilling as you traverse life’s joys and challenges.  The sacred union marriage of two people is always enhanced by self healing and the internal marriage of masculine and feminine energies.  We must serve our partner by serving ourselves.  We must serve ourselves by serving our partner.  Sacred Union marriage flowers out from the soul to your partner, to your family, friends, community, further and further, all the way to your relationship with the Universe itself.