Individual Spiritual Connection

Spirituality is our non-physical connection to life.  Call it the Divine, Universe, Nature, God, Goddess, Krishna, Source. Call it the name that brings you closer to it in your feelings.  It.  The cosmic intelligence.  The creator.  The great mystery.  Spirit.  Atoms.  Call it what feels right to you.  If you are connecting to it, you are feeling love, hope, gratitude, awe, strength, confidence, and curiosity. You are feeling like playing.  Maybe singing.  Or praying.  Chanting.  Conversing.  Most of all, you listen.  You receive.  You breathe in spirit, you breath out spirit.  You live spirit.  You give spirit to others, sharing your love.

I see myself as a manifestation of spirit.  I have many manifestations.  Michelle, the human, is one of them.  I am also other humans, living in the past and future.  I am also the cosmos, a cheetah, and oak tree in France, the core of our earth, and the center of a sun far far away.  Playfully I remember all of my selves, each one a costume for spirit to try on, to become something new, to relate to other versions of itself, to have relationships with all of the different and varying aspects, which causes spirit to grow, create new life, learn, and enjoy.  The desire of spirit is the desire of me.  I am not separate from the divine.  I am a living translation of spirit.  I am the living language of the great mystery, finding order in my bones, blood, brain, and vision.

How you choose to engage the spiritual is your choice.  I don’t find a need to judge you.  I’m not mad unless you are hurting others with your beliefs.  I don’t see you as less intelligent when you believe something different than me.  Nor do I see you as lacking something if you don’t engage in spirituality at all .  What I care about, is if you feel love.  If you feel kindness, hope, awe, gratitude, strength, and curiosity.  I hope you are playing too.  Because, you see, to me, you are an expression of spirit whether you believe it or not.  You are life living.  To me, life is spirit.  Everything is spirit.  This allows me to allow you to believe what you want about the divine.  I want to give you that freedom.  Only if you harm others will I step in with words of wrong and right.

Spirituality needs to be free.  It needs to be light.  But if you want to make it a heavy serious thing, that is your right.  We all have our tastes.  Just make sure your connection to God is not fear based.  Because fear lies.  Fear drives awareness away.  Choose your spirituality with love in your heart.  Devotion even.  Spirituality is supposed to make you more kind, more loving, more expansive….not drive you to judge those who are different than you in the guise of trying to help.  Spirituality should allow all people to be treated with respect.  Even the people who commit violent acts.  For, it does no good to be violent toward the violent.  Violence only begets violence, so let it go, and give love to what hurts and scares you the most. Give love because it will help.  Giving love is justice because love is the only force big enough to dissolve hate.  If somebody refuses love and still chooses hate, love them anyway.  Never become what they are, that is not justice.  Stay in love, no matter what.

Of course, this article is my perspective, feel free to take it in or toss it out.  I am not interested into making you believe anything.  I don’t care for force.  If you feel me you feel me, if you don’t you don’t.  I am an eclectic on the spiritual path.  I remember many of my other lives and I speak to many different types of beings.  I see things objectively too, aware of how I am both creating meaning and receiving meaning.  I am devoted to the Christ consciousness of unconditional love, as well as to the Buddhist consciousness of practicing mindful inner peace that stems from observing my mind creating the stories which direct my life, and finding presence in the breath (spirit), versus those stories.   I am fueled by the Rumi consciousness of being passionately in love with Spirit.  And I express Gaia consciousness, feeling that I am one of her human voices.

That’s me.  What about you?  If you don’t know yet, I urge you to follow your feelings.  If you feel drawn toward a specific religion, explore it.  If you are drawn into the new age metaphysical world, dive in.  If existentialism make the most sense to you, surround yourself in books and nature.  Trust your feelings about spirituality.  And if you don’t know how you feel, don’t worry about it.  Try things on.  Be open.  You will know what fits and does not fit for you.  If it fits, you feel love and perhaps even a feeling of familiarity.  If it doesn’t fit, you will feel uncomfortable, scared, or disinterested.  You can navigate yourself  along your spiritual path.  It can be creative and eclectic, or it can be traditional and organized.  It can be a little bit of both.  The key is in the feeling of love and connection.